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The Idea

The number of people with physical disabilities has dramatically grown in the last 10 years, but no one is still not engaged in finding cheap and smart solutions for their mobility needs.

Making a standard already adapted vehicle, which have the most common devices and aid already integrated to accommodate people with handicap with their own wheel chair is a huge unsolved problem, that the major car producers don't want to face.

The Disability Statistics Center (University of San Francisco) has calculated that over 6.8 million Americans living outside of institutions use assistive devices to help them with mobility.
In Europe we are talking about 7,1 million of people.
So we think is very important to go on with that concept.

The focus of our idea is the creation of a car that will be suitable for healthy users and wheelchair-bound, using the same design, to give freedom and independence to a large number of user that must do an expensive after market conversion process on a standard car.

Our final goal is to offer them an alternative choice:

A good looking street car that will be tailored on their needs, with no more adaptations to do.

EVette is the best starting platform to give freedom and independence to wheelchair-bound drivers, because of his key characteristics:

- A joystick "drive-by-wire" steering control that makes driving less physically demanding

- Can carry a large payload of batteries

- Incredibly maneuverable

- Fully customizable configuration (user can add more mi. or hp).

This concept guarantees easy access to the driving position because of the turnable driver seat.

The folded wheelchair will be stored rear the seat, a dedicated robot will help the loading operation.

For a wheelchair user operate the EVette will be easy: in fact the driver seat will turn and come outside of the car to allow the transfer from the wheelchair.

The car has not mechanical controls, so the seat can go more forward than that in a normal car, and there’s enough space to store a folded wheelchair rear the turnable driver seat with the help of a dedicated robot.