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About the Car

The reason for creating the "Evette" was the need for a personal     motor vehicle that was affordable, energy efficient, easy to maintain, and environmentally friendly.

We engineered this vehicle from the ground up, keeping in mind the importance of;  Low Vehicle Weight, High battery capacity, Safety & Stability.  

The sportscar looking, lightweight, fiberglass body is from a Lamborghini kit that we modified to fit our chassis.  It was the best fit for our vehicle, however, the body design could be changed or altered.

Our car has a joystick "drive-by-wire" steering control that makes driving easy, and turning effortless.  Optionally, all braking can be     done electronically by joystick control.

Self-Driving capable, the EVette is completely programmable.   PLC (programmable logic controller) controls motor speed; high speed counter; and laser distance finder.

Designed to carry a large payload of batteries;  Range of  200 mi. or more can be achieved with upgrades to a lithium-type battery pack,   but is costly.  Currently the EVette has 12 deep-cycle batteries.

The two 15W flexible solar panels mounted on the car (with plenty of room for more) charge the auxiliary batteries, while the main battery pack uses a plug-in charger. Ideally, we would like to have an array of (10) PV Solar panels charging the EVette, using totally renewable energy, leaving zero footprint.

Equipped with dual brakes;  The driver has more control and extra maneuverability when driving.  All steering, braking, and traction is done through the large all-terrain wheels.

Dual DC motors give us plenty of power; test driven up to 60 mph.. Maximum speed is unknown, although, we believe a racing model could break records.

Our car can easily be adapted for more power by installing larger motors and swapping components.

The "EVette" prototype is Tom & Yvette's "Car of the Future",  a neighborhood electric vehicle that is affordable to maintain, customizable to fit user's needs, solar rechargeable, and can be programmed to drive-itself!